Dedication After a year of celebrating Redwood City’s sesquicentennial by bringing our community together to discover our history, honor our diversity, and explore our neighborhoods, Redwood City Pages provides a compelling, thoughtful perspective on the elements that have shaped and will continue to shape our city. As we move into the next 150 years, we are confident that Redwood City Pages will provide a catalyst for ongoing reflection and discussion of both our community’s rich heritage and its vibrant future. Many Thanks To The Redwood City Sesquicentennial Committee for having the foresight to employ public art to create a lasting commemoration of the year-long celebration. Redwood City Parks and Arts Foundation for providing not only financial and logistical support but also the perspective to make the project meaningful to the community. Fung Collaboratives for the vision, creativity, and imagination to inspire an artwork that will inspire residents’ curiosity about the community’s past and future. The artist Brian Taylor for engaging with Redwood City and its people so earnestly that he was able to create an immediately iconic portrayal of the community we love.